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MA1 is about putting Martial Arts 1 st

Our goal is to teach and share the values and principles taught to students in Martial Art Classes of all styles and live them ourselves. We strive to be more than just a consulting group. We are Martial Artist of different styles and different size schools. We are currently running our own schools and the subjects we discuss are real-live-interactive and important to us and to you. Also, besides going over the numbers and promoting your school in a positive way to your community. MA1 is also going to have instructor training for you and your staff. So we can share and teach how to get the most out of your student's training and to also give them the best of you.

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"The MAIN Event was such an amazing experience! Between getting to interact with so many like-minded people and listening to all of the presenters, I feel I have some great new knowledge and ideas to bring back to my martial arts school. I was moved to see how many dedicated martial arts instructors, younger and older, were there learning how to be even better instructors than they already are! The venue was easy to navigate, the schedule ran very smoothly and the location was great! I will without a doubt be back next year!"

Carter Harris

"I have been attending The Main Event for the last few years. What I enjoy most is the experience of being surrounded with world renowned martial artists and soaking up the knowledge they have to offer. As a business owner, the networking portion is phenomenal. I get to be around peers and mentors that I look up to and learn from them. The information I have received has helped be grow my business and build long lasting relationships. This is for sure the best networking and educational event I’ve been to! Can’t wait for April!"

Andy Yoeuy

Soksam Yoeuy

"MA1st has helped my school grow in a number of ways, the best is that there is someone who finds out what you want to achieve and then holds you accountable to get it done. Kyoshi DePalma has taken on a position of Mentor to my school, knowing there is someone who has gone through the same issues and is willing to help you avoid the pain of growing is a bonus. Anyone wondering if MA1st is for them, all I would say is give it a go. This is all about putting Martial Arts first in your schools, and that is what we all should be aiming to do."

David Pawson

"The Main Event is great! I think it is Fred’s attitude that makes all the difference. I have been to other people’s events where, unless I forced a conversation with someone, no one even made eye contact with me. At the Main Event, it is much different though. Every time I walk away, I walk away with more knowledge, more motivation, and new friends. Fred and the Main Event have truly transformed my world!"

Billy Wilcox

*early bird pricing ends March 10, 2018